Proprietary flow technology maintains the pool’s optimum flow.
Up to 90%* energy savings. Slower speed and regulated flow save energy.
Easy control via the Pentair Home app or optional touchscreen.

1-1/2″ x 25 Foot Professional Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose with Swivel Cuff
Strong ridge construction with abrasion resistant outer shell
Durable, lightweight and flexible. Made with durable PE material
Swivel cuff end prevents hose kinks and tangles
Removable standard cuff end to customize hose length

The Pentair Model 250 Vacuum Head is flexible and durable. Reinforced at all stress points, the body is moulded in one piece of flexible polyethylene. Six lead weights are fully enclosed in support spines. All wheels swivel and are height adjustable to increase or decrease vacuum velocity as desired. The included swivel adaptor allows a 38mm hose to be connected without ever twisting. A 50mm hose will fit directly to the vacuum head. All components are replaceable.

Extra wide curved brush provides a much faster and deeper clean allowing to you finish much quicker.
Premium 18” cleaning brush tackles dirt head on. Super tough stainless-steel bristle removes stubborn stains and dirty marks with ease.
Built with durability in mind. Super sturdy rust proof aluminium attachment. Reinforced aluminum back with screws. Strong steel bristles which hold up better than nylon material. Suitable for concrete and hard surfaces only.
This versatile brush is all you need to clean your pool floor, walls, tiles, steps and pool perimeter. One scrub bush to rule them all

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